Email Marketing: Archiving, Deleting or Duplicating a Campaign in the Wix Owner App

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If you no longer need an email campaign you can delete it or archive it from the Wix Owner app. If you want to edit a campaign you already sent, you can duplicate it and create a new campaign using the same layout.
In this article, learn how to:

Archiving an email campaign in the Wix Owner App

Archive old email campaigns that you don't want to see in your dashboard but aren't ready to delete. When a campaign is archived, it can be brought out of archive again if you want to duplicate it or resend it.

Deleting an archived campaign in the Wix Owner App

Delete an email campaign if you no longer need it. You can only delete a campaign after you've archived it. Once you delete the campaign, you will not be able to view it again.
Archiving an email campaign does not delete it. You can still access it through the Archived tab in your Email Marketing dashboard. 

Duplicating a campaign in the Wix Owner App

Duplicate a published email campaign or one of your drafts if you want to create a similar campaign. You can tweak it as needed or send the duplicate campaign as is.   
You can only duplicate email campaigns in the Wix Owner app that were originally created on mobile.

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