Editor X: Using Different Text Fonts

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Use your own fonts on Editor X to get your message across the way it was meant to be. If your site is in a different language, you can also upload fonts that work perfectly with that specific language.
In this article, learn more about:

Using your own fonts

Upload your own fonts to the Editor so that you can use them in text elements and anywhere else you can choose a font (buttons, form, menu etc). 
Before you begin:
Make sure that you have the rights to use the fonts you upload.

To upload a font to Editor X:

  1. Click a text element in Editor X. 
  2. Click Edit Text
  3. (In the Inspector) Click the Font drop-down menu. 
  4. Click Upload Fonts at the bottom. 
  5. (in the pop-up) Click Upload Fonts and select your font file (TTF, OTF, WOFF2 or WOFF).
  6. Click Close once the font has uploaded.
A screenshot of the Font drop-down in Editor X, clicking Upload Fonts to use your own font
What's next?
Your font is now available to use across your site. You can find it in the Font drop-down, under My Fonts.

Adding fonts for non-english alphabets

If your site is in a language with a non-English alphabet (e.g. Arabic, Cyrillic, Japanese), you can add compatible fonts with the characters you need.

To add language fonts:

  1. Click a text element in the Editor. 
  2. Click Edit Text.
  3. (In the Inspector) Click the Font drop-down.
  4. Click the language fonts icon at the bottom. 
  5. Select the checkbox next to the relevant language.
  6. Click Save.
What's next?
The language fonts you select will be available in every font menu in Editor X. The Font drop-down menu is organized by language so you can choose one that's compatible.
A screenshot of the Add Languages panel in Editor X, selecting a checkbox to add Cyrillic alphabet to your site
Are there more languages you'd like to see?
Let us know by contacting Customer Care.

Using accented characters in your text

You can use accented characters in your text on your Editor X site.

Deleting uploaded fonts

Keep your uploaded fonts organized by deleting the ones you no longer need.

To delete an uploaded font:

  1. Click a text element in the Editor. 
  2. Click Edit Text.
  3. Click the Fonts drop-down menu.
  4. Click Upload Fonts.
  5. Hover over the relevant font and click the Delete icon .
  6. Click Delete.
The font file is deleted from your account. If it is being used on your site, it will still be there.
A screenshot of the Manage Your Fonts panel, clicking the Delete icon to remove an uploaded font


Click below to read answers to our most frequently asked questions about using your own fonts in Editor X:
Wix has licenses for the fonts in Editor X. They are available for digital use ONLY and within your Wix site. For more information, view the Wix Terms of Use. You cannot download the fonts to use, but you may find the open source versions and install them to your computer. Be careful with fonts found in external URLs. These are not owned by Wix so you need to contact the author for permission to use them.

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