Editor X: Troubleshooting Unwanted Gaps and Horizontal Scroll Bars

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Noticed a blank space on your page, or a horizontal scroll bar that wasn't intentional? In this article, learn what you should check to make sure they don't appear to visitors on any screen size.
An example of a site with a blank space on the side and a scroll bar that was automatically added

Step 1 | Find elements to re-position in the Layers panel

Open the Layers panel to see all the elements of your page in an organized list. Click on elements one-by-one to ensure they're positioned inside the section boundaries. If an element is out of range, a blank gap is created automatically to make the element fully visible. 

To find and re-position elements from the Layers panel:

  1. Click Layers  at the top of Editor X.
  2. Click on any element to find it on the page. 
  3. Re-position the element using the following tools:
A GIF showing the layers panel and the canvas, selecting and repositioning overflowing elements.

Step 2 | Check the edges of your page

While your element may be positioned inside the section, its edges could still cross the page's boundaries and create a white gap and/or a horizontal scroll bar. This often happens with text elements. 
For this reason, you should also click each section and hover over all of the elements close to the edges of the page. If any of them are overflowing, you can move or resize them.
A GIF showing how to click sections and hover over elements to find overflowing content

Step 3 | Change the page's Overflow Content setting

Another way to prevent white gaps and horizontal scroll bars from being automatically added, is  hiding the page's overflow content. This setting "clips" the edges of the page so any overflowing elements (or parts of elements) are cropped out. 

To change the section's overflow content setting:

  1. Select your page:
    1. Go to the relevant page.
    2. Click Layers  at the top of Editor X. 
    3. Click Page.
  2. Click the Inspector icon  at the top of Editor X.
  3. Click the Layout tab .
  4. Select Hide from the Overflow content drop-down.
A screenshot of the Inspector panel when selecting a page and setting the Overflow content to Hide.

Step 4 | Check the section's height

The height and / or minimum height you set for a section might create an unwanted gap at its bottom. If you're using the vh measurement, which is relative to the viewport height, the gap might seem bigger on bigger screens. 
From the Inspector panel, you can check the section's sizing and change its height and / or minimum height to match your content. 

To check the section's height:

  1. Select the relevant section.
  2. Click the Inspector icon  at the top of Editor X.
  3. Click the Layout tab .
  4. Check the Height and Min H settings under Size

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