Editor X: Adding and Customizing a Social Bar

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A social bar encourages visitors to engage with your business by following your social media accounts. Add links to your pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any other relevant platform. 

Learn how to:

Adding a Social Bar

Place your social bar in a location that visitors can easily notice. For example, add it to the master header or footer to ensure it's always visible. 

To add a social bar:

  1. Click Add  at the top left of the Editor.
  2. Click Menu.
  3. Click Social Bar.
  4. Drag a social bar to the desired location on your site. 
What's next?
The social bar features default icons that you can customize to your needs (see Setting Social Links below).
Add a Fixed scroll effect to your social bar so it's always shown on screen. Learn How 

After adding a social bar to your site, choose the relevant icons to display based on your social media accounts. If needed, you can always change the links by following the instructions below.

To set the social bar links:

  1. Select the social bar in your Editor. 
  2. Click Set Social Links.
  3. Set up your links by doing one of the following: 

Customizing the Layout of the Social Bar

Customize the layout and appearance of your social bar. You can change the size of your social media icons, adjust the spacing between them and display them horizontally or vertically. 

To customize the layout:

  1. Select the social bar in your Editor. 
  2. Click the Layouts icon
  3. Customize the layout by doing the following:
    • Drag the slider under Icon sizes (px) to make the icons bigger or smaller.
    • Drag the slider to under Spacing (px) to adjust the space between icons.
    • Choose whether to display your social bar horizontally or vertically. 
Need to flip or rotate the icons?
Flip or rotate the icons from the Inspector panel  by entering a different angle (e.g., 180) next to Rotate.  

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