Editor X: Adding Apps

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Want to add additional functionality to your site? The App Market has hundreds of apps to choose from. Whether it's major site components like Wix Stores or smaller, helpful apps for analytics, we've got you covered.
Often, when adding an app, a widget is automatically added to the page you're working on. By default, it's stretched to fill an entire section but you can re-position it, add margins and docking as necessary. In other cases, adding a certain app may automatically create relevant, new pages on your site.

To add an app:

  1. Click the Apps icon on the top of the Editor.
  2. Browse the App Market.
  3. Click + Add to add the app.
Some apps have components that appear both in the dashboard and the Editor (e.g. Wix Stores, Wix Bookings, Wix Blog, etc.). A few apps work behind the scenes and can be found only in your site's dashboard. Make sure to look for those apps in your dashboard
  • Apps that integrate with external sites may try to connect to your account if you are logged in (e.g. the Instagram Feed App connects you to your Instagram account).  
  • To add an app the second time. for example, to display two Instagram accounts, you may need to log out of your external account. 

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