Editor X: Adding a WhatsApp Button

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WhatsApp's "click to chat” feature allows you to create a link anywhere on your website that opens a new WhatsApp chat with a specified number. 
"Click to chat" works on both mobile phones and with WhatsApp Web. When visitors click the link, it opens a chat which can also include a default message of your choice.
The instructions below explain how to link a button, but you can link from any element on your site, such as from a menu tab or image.

To link a button to your WhatsApp:

  1. Click Add  at the top left of your Editor.  
  2. Drag a button to the desired location on your page. 
  3. (Optional) Change the button text (e.g., Contact on WhatsApp).
  4. Click the Link icon .
  5. Click Web Address.
  6. Choose an option:
7. Click Done.

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