Editor X: Creating a "Back to Top" Button

Let your visitors easily scroll to the top of the page with a "Back to Top" button. This is especially useful for one-page sites where the page is typically long. 

To create a "Back to Top" button:

  1. Click Add  at the top left of your Editor.  
  2. Drag a button or any other linkable element (e.g., shape, vector art, image) to the desired location on your page. 
  3. Click the Link icon .
  4. Select Top / Bottom of Page on the left.
  5. Select Top and click Done.
  6. (Optional) Pin your button to the screen so it's visible as visitors scroll down the page:
    1. Click the Inspector icon  at the top of Editor X.
    2. Click the Position type drop-down.
    3. Click Pinned
  7. (Optional) Copy and paste the button to other pages on your site.  
Add animation to your button and adjust the delay to make it appear after a few seconds, as visitors scroll down. 

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