Editor X: About the Site Checker

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Editor X lets you check your site's health at any time, completely free of charge. Site Checker is a smart tool that automatically scans your site for issues related to your design, as well as accessibility, SEO and security. 
In this article, learn all about the Site Checker:

How does it work?

The Site Checker scans the current page you're editing. Once the automatic scanning is done, you can see a list of all the issues that were detected. 
You don't have to resolve each and every issue if it's not relevant – you can make our tool ignore the issue and remove it from the list. 
Use this tool at any point in the site creation process, whether it's for new pages or pages that were previously scanned. We highly recommend scanning new pages that you design to make sure they're perfect before publishing.

Issues detected by the Site Checker

The Site Checker scans pages for many different issues, related to both look and functionality. Click an issue below to learn what it means:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about the Site Checker. Click a question below to read its answer:

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