Editor X: Checking Your Site's Health

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Use the Site Checker to look for issues we recommend fixing across your site, to make your visitors' experience ideal. It automatically scans the entire page to find issues related to the different breakpoints, accessibility, security and much more.

Step 1 | Access the Site Checker

You can easily access the Site Checker whenever you want to scan for issues. To get started, go to the page you want to check and click the Site Checker icon at the top of Editor X. 

To access the Site Checker:

  1. Click Tools at the top of Editor X. 
  2. Select Site Checker to enable it.
  3. Click the Site Checker icon  at the top of Editor X.
  4. (In the Site Checker) Choose a tab depending on what you want to check:
    • Page: Scan the specific page you're editing for issues related to the design, accessibility, and more.
    • Site: Scan your site for potential security issues.
  5. Click Check Page.
Can't see the Site Checker icon?
Click Tools at the top of Editor X and select Site Checker to enable it.

Step 2 | Review the detected issues

Once the Site Checker is done scanning your page, you can see a list of all the issues that were detected. Clicking an issue takes you to see where it's located on the page so you can make an informed decision – fixing the issue or ignoring it, if it's not relevant to your design. 

To review and handle issues:

  1. (In the Site Checker) Hover over an issue and click the More Actions icon .
  2. Click View Issue to see it on your site.
  3. Fix the issue that was detected using the available options. Click an issue below to learn how to resolve it:

Step 3 | Check your site issues again

Finished reviewing an issue on this page? Have the Site Checker scan it again so the issues that you fixed can be removed from the list. 

To check the issue again::

  1. (In the Site Checker) Hover over the issue again. 
  2. Click the Check Again icon .
Want to scan the entire page again?
Click Check Again at the bottom of the Site Checker panel.

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