Wix Bookings: Creating an Appointment Without a Price Display

2 min read
If you prefer not to display service prices for your appointments, you can create a no-fee service. This is a great option for custom services where you negotiate the price. 

To create an appointment without a price display:

  1. Go to Booking Services in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click + Add a New Service.
  3. Select 1-on-1.
  4. Click the drop-down icon  to expand and complete the Service Details section. 
  5. Click the drop-down icon to expand the Price & Payment section. 
  6. Select No Fee in the Price type drop-down.
  7. Click Save
Want to create a free service?:
Select Custom Price from the Price type drop-down. In the Price Description, write what you would like to appear on the service (e.g. "Free").

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