CMS Request: Rearranging Live Site Content Directly from Your Collection

Working on it
ETA: Q1 - 2024
Currently, it is not possible to reorder your live site content directly from your CMS collection itself. Reordering your collection fields rearranges the fields as they appear in your collection only. 
  • To change the order in which collection items appear on your live site, add a sort condition to the dataset that connects to the relevant elements. You can also add filters to the dataset to include or exclude certain items from displaying on your live site. Learn more about sorting and filtering items from the dataset settings.
  • You can hide items from appearing on your live site directly from your collection. Go to your collection settings to enable the Control item visibility toggle. Then control the status of individual items by setting them to Visible or Hidden. You can also choose the default status of newly added items and schedule automatic changes to their statuses. Learn more about controlling item visibility from your collection
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