CMS Request: Connecting the Slideshow Element to a Dataset in the Wix Editor

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Currently, in the Wix Editor, it is not possible to connect the slideshow element to a dataset. This would allow you to display details about a different CMS (Content Management System) collection item on each slide of your slideshow.
  • In the Studio Editor, you can connect slideshows to datasets to show a different collection item in each slide. You can build your site in the Studio Editor if you would like this capability. 
  • You can connect supported elements that are attached to your slideshow slides to a dataset to show CMS content for a single item. This does not allow you to show a different item on each slide, however, you can connect the elements on each slide to different collection fields to show different details about a single item on each slide. 
We are always working to update and improve our products, and your feedback is hugely appreciated.