CMS: About Page Link Collection Fields for Dynamic Pages

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When you create dynamic pages, the system creates Page Link fields in your collection. These fields make links for your dynamic list pages and for each item's unique URL on dynamic item pages.

The format of the Page Link field depends on the type of dynamic page: 
  • Dynamic list pages: By default, the Page Link URL adds the collection name to the end of the dynamic list page's web address. 
  • Dynamic item page: By default, the Page Link URL adds the Primary field value to the end of dynamic item page's web address for each unique item. 
Go to your Editor's page settings to customize the variables used in your dynamic pages. Editing the URL values in your Editor automatically updates the Page Link fields in your collection. 
Primary fields are super important because they are used in the dynamic item page URL. Make sure to add unique content to the Primary field for each item that you wish to have a dynamic item page. Without content in the Primary field, a dynamic item page URL cannot be created for the item. In your collection, you can see how the Primary field is added to the Page Link field associated with your dynamic item page. 
Learn more about the importance of creating unique dynamic page URLs.

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