Check-in by Wix: Adding People to an Event Guest List

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The Check-in by Wix app makes managing event attendees easy. You can add new guests, update their status to "Going" or "Arrived", or place them on your waitlist.
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Adding new guests

You can add new guests to both ticketed and non-ticketed events. This can be done on the day of your event to accommodate last-minute attendees, fill any remaining seats and increase your potential revenue.
Adding guests before the big day?
You can customize each Ticket PDF for easy event organization based on seating, entrance location, or ticket type (e.g. child and adult).
Note: Only event owners can add guests through the app.
  1. Open the Check-in by Wix app.
  2. Tap the relevant event.
  3. Tap Guest List under Event management
  4. Tap Add New Guest.
A screenshot of of the Add Guest panel in the Check-in by Wix app.


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