Bounced (Undelivered) Email Campaigns

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What are bounced emails?

Sometimes, a recipient’s email server blocks the delivery of your email campaigns. This is known as a bounced email. A Hard Bounce occurs when a permanent issue prevents the email from being delivered. 
Reasons include:
  • Invalid email address.
  • Recipient’s domain doesn't exist.
  • Spelling errors in the email address.
  • The mailbox is no longer in use.

How do bounced emails affect me?

If your email campaigns have a high bounce rate, it negatively affects your sender reputation. This can impact you in one or more of the following ways:
  • Declined Emails: Wix may decline distributing your email campaigns until you clean your mailing list and slowly rebuild your reputation as a sender.
  • Reduced Email Allowance: Your email allowance (the number of contacts you can send email campaigns too) may be reduced if you have a large number of bounced emails. 
  • Deactivated Account: If you continue to have a high bounce rate over a long period of time, your Wix account may be deactivated due to a breach of the Wix Email Marketing Terms of Use.

What should I do if an email bounces?

If your email bounces when you send it to a specific contact, Wix automatically adds that email address to the Bounced group in your Contacts. To help protect your email sending reputation, Wix also removes those email addresses from sending lists for future email campaigns. 
  • After sending an email campaign, check to see if any emails have bounced. Be sure to delete these addresses from all of your mailing lists.
  • Never add a bounced contact back to your mailing list without verifying the address and receiving permission from the individual.

To view bounced (undelivered) email campaigns:

  1. Head to your Email Marketing dashboard 
  2. Click the Statistics iconon any sent or published campaign.
  3. Click Bounced under your Delivery Statistics.

How can I prevent Hard Bounces?

If your email campaigns have a high bounce rate, try the following suggestions:
  • Only send email campaigns to people who have signed up or subscribed to be on your mailing list. (The best way to build and grow a mailing list is by adding a Get Subscribers form to your site.)
  • Check for typos in email addresses that bounced.
  • If you have alternate email addresses for subscribers whose email campaigns bounced, contact them directly and invite them to re-subscribe to your mailing list.
  • If you are unable to correct a contact's email address, delete it from your mailing list and do not send to it again.
  • Review your mailing list every six months. Remove anyone you haven’t been in touch with during the past 12 months. 
  • Read through our Best Practices to learn how to correctly build a subscriber list.

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