Ascend by Wix: An Overview

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Ascend by Wix provides you with a package of tools to manage and grow your business, all within your Wix account.
Ascend by Wix includes:
  • Contacts: Keep track of everyone interacting with your site and business, all in one place. Learn more about Contacts
  • Wix Inbox and Chat: Manage all of the interactions you have with your site visitors, across various channels. Add a fully customizable chatbox to your site and chat with your site visitors live. Learn more about Wix Inbox and Chat
  • Wix Forms: Create custom forms to collect information from your site visitors. Learn more about Wix Forms
  • Wix Automations: Create automated processes to save time on manual tasks. Learn more about Automations
  • Wix Price Quotes and Invoices: Send official price quotes to prospective customers and convert these to invoices once products or services have been ordered. Learn more about Price Quotes and Invoices
  • Tasks: Organize and prioritize your work by creating tasks with reminders that keep you on track. Learn more about Tasks & Reminders
  • Email Marketing: Get the word out about your business with professional email marketing campaigns. Learn more about Email Marketing
  • Social Posts: Reach out to your social media followers and drive traffic to your site with eye-catching posts. Learn more about Social Posts

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