Adding Audio to Your Site

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We have several types of music players that let you play, share and even sell your music directly on your site. Choose what you would like to do:

Play Single Tracks on Your Site

The Wix Audio Player is a stylish and simple music element that allows you to add a single track to a page on your website. Customize the colors, text and border to match your site.
Add the Wix Audio Player from the Add panel in the Editor.

Sell Your Music on Your Site

Wix Music gives you everything you need to promote and sell your music. You can create albums , singles and playlists in WAV, FLAC, M4A & MP3 formats, and allow your fans to listen or buy your music. What's more, it's commission free!
Add the Wix Music player from the Add panel to get started.

Share Music that is Hosted Elsewhere

Add Spotify and SoundCloud players to your website to let your visitors listen to music that's hosted with them. You can also place an iTunes button on your site to connect your site visitors to music on iTunes.
You can add these music elements from the Add panel in the Editor.

Connect Your RSS Feed and the Wix Podcast Player

Connect podcasts from anywhere using the Wix Podcast Player. With just a few clicks you can set up a main podcast feed and individual pages dedicated to each podcast. 

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