About the Instagram Feed App by Wix

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Display your posts and Instagram Videos in a customizable gallery on your site. This is a great way to show off your online community and attract new followers. Depending on your needs, you can choose to either connect to an Instagram personal account or a business account. 

Showcase your personal Instagram account

Connect your personal Instagram account to your Wix site, and proudly share your photos and videos. You can also customize how your Instagram feed appears on your site. Learn more

Connect your business Instagram account

Connecting an Instagram business account offers you a more expansive experience. You get access to a range of features that are not available when you connect to a personal account. 

Features and benefits include:

  • Display profile info including an avatar, bio, and "Follow" button
  • Showcase post comments, replies, likes, and counters
  • Create a separate gallery for any Instagram hashtags
Want to connect an Instagram creator account?
You can also connect a creator account using the same steps to connect an Instagram business account.

Switching from a personal account to a business account

If you previously connected a personal account but want to use a business account instead, you can make the switch in the Settings panel in your Editor. Learn more
If you don't have an Instagram business account set up, read this article to learn how to convert your personal account.

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