About the File Share App

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With the File Share app, you can create a file sharing library where people can exchange ideas and collaborate on projects. Whether you manage a school, business, or community, the File Share app is a great way to upload and share documents securely. 
Some great ways that you can use the File Share app include:
  • Uploading files for clients to download and share
  • Allowing site members to send files to you
  • Creating a space where different groups can share files they are collaborating on
  • Keeping track of important files and folders by marking them as favorites
  • Creating a Members Area for your community to share files in

Learn more about:

Adding the File Share app to your site

You can add the File Share app to your site from the Wix App Market. 

Customizing the File Share app

After you've add the File Share app to your site, you can customize it to match your site. Choose what information to display about files, select how your files are sorted, and customize the colors and fonts used. Learn more
When you're ready to publish, you can create folders, add files, move files and folders, connect a pricing plan, and set access permissions in your site's dashboard or your live site. 
Videos are currently limited to 250 MB. Learn more about supported file types

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