About Test Sites

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Get feedback on updates you make to your site before all of your site visitors see your changes. Using a test site is a great way to test the changes you make on a small percentage of your visitors, before publishing to all.
Exposing a test site to some of your site visitors lets you test new features to see if they work before publishing.
You can choose the percentage of traffic (0-100) you want to expose it to via the Release Manager. 

Creating a Test Site

Create a test site from inside your Editor and expose it to some of your visitors. You must have published your site at least once before in order to create a test site.
  • Some features on your site may not be compatible with test sites, such as anything that contains data. Learn More
  • The Wix Pro Gallery only shows default images in a test site. It does not display your uploaded media. You can vote for this feature here

Managing Your Test Sites

Manage your test sites from the Release Manager in your site's dashboard. In the Release Manager you can see the current published version of your site and the current test site. You can also edit the exposure of your test site and publish or discard it.
You can access the Release Manager from the Editor and from your site's dashboard.

Editing a Test Site Exposure

Once you have created your test site, you can increase or decrease the exposure. 

Publishing a Test Site

Once you have finished testing your test site, you can choose to publish or discard it. Publishing the test site sets its exposure to 100%, and it replaces the current published version of your site.

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