Wix Stores: Setting How Shipping and Tax Displays in the Cart Page

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You can show your customers' shipping and tax charges, right on the cart page. 
Customers can see their location displayed on the cart page. They can then click to enter a different location if necessary, for example, if they are shipping to another destination.
Next, if you created more than one delivery option, they can choose the option they prefer. 
Customers then see an updated total price, based on the location and delivery option selected.
If you prefer not to display shipping and tax in the shopping cart page, you can hide either one.
Estimated taxes are not displayed if you have included taxes in the price of your products. Learn More

To show or hide shipping and tax estimates on your shopping cart page:

  1. Go to the Cart page in the Editor. 
2. Click the Cart in the Editor.
3. Click Settings.
4. Click the Settings tab.
5. Select or deselect the Delivery Rates checkbox. When selected, customers see a drop-down with relevant delivery options for their location.

6. Select or deselect the Tax Costs checkbox. When selected, customers see the relevant tax estimation for their location.

You can display a tax message wherever a product prices are displayed. The message indicates whether tax is included or excluded from the price. Learn How

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