Wix Stores: Limits & Recommended Guidelines

1 min read

To ensure that the Wix Stores platform remains stable and that your online store is usable and fast, Wix has set some product and options limits.

Wix Stores platform limits:

  • Products: 50,000 products
  • Product Variants: You can manage up to 1,000 variants per product
  • Product Options per Product: Each product can have up to 6 product options
  • Choices per Product Option: Each product option can have up to 100 option choices
  • Self-Service Product Upload: You can upload up to 50,000 products from the Wix Stores Dashboard either manually or by CSV import. To upload products beyond these limits, contact customer care.

What happens if you exceed any of these limits?

When you approach or exceed a limit, you'll receive a notification in the Wix Stores Dashboard. In case of an API request that exceeds one of these limits, you’ll receive an error message.