Wix Stores: Integrating with Melhor Envio

To print shipping labels, you must first enter your business's address in the Business Info page. Learn how
Melhor Envio is a multi-carrier shipping software solution for businesses based in Brazil. With it, you can create shipping labels with a click while saving on costs.  
Melhor Envio allows you to:
  • Create and print shipping labels.
  • Add tracking codes to orders so you and your customers can track shipments through Melhor Rastreio
  • Pay for services using multiple payment options. 
Melhor Envio is free to use. You pay only for the shipping labels you purchase.
After setup, your orders automatically appear in your Melhor Envio dashboard - no need to manually create an order and then copy and paste the order details each time you make a sale. 

To integrate with Melhor Envio:

  1. Click Add App  on the left side of the Editor.
  1. Start typing Melhor Envio and click to select it. 
  2. Click Add to Site
  3. Click Allow and Install.
  4. Select an option:
    • Log in to your existing Melhor Envio account.
    • Create a new Melhor Envio account:
      1. Fill in the required fields.
      2. Click Finish.
When you're ready to start printing shipping labels, go to the Melhor Envio dashboard and click Sync Orders.
To learn more, check out the Melhor Envio help center.

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