Wix Stores: Handling Orders with Amazon MCF

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After adding and setting up the Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment app, you can start using the service to fulfil orders.
In this article, learn more about:

Orders containing only products fulfilled by Amazon

If your store contains only products that are set up to be fulfilled by Amazon, then the entire fulfillment process runs automatically. You don't have to do a thing.
New orders are automatically forwarded to the Amazon warehouse where they pack and ship the order to your customer. 
When an order is shipped, a tracking number is added to the order in your Wix dashboard. In addition, your customer receives an email that also contains the tracking number. 
Currently, Amazon cannot fulfill partial orders. If a customer purchases products that are set to be fulfilled by Amazon MCF along with products that are set to be fulfilled using another method, Amazon does not fulfill any of the order

Orders containing products not fulfilled by Amazon

When an order contains one or more products that are not set to be fulfilled by Amazon, Amazon does not automatically ship any product in the order.
For example, if a customer purchases 3 products that you fulfill with Amazon and 1 that you fulfill yourself, none of the products in the order will automatically be fulfilled by Amazon.
To handle an order like this, you have 2 alternatives:
  • Self fulfillment: You can fulfill the entire order yourself.
  • Create a manual Amazon order + self fulfillment:  You can go to the Amazon dashboard and manually create an order for Amazon to fulfill the relevant products. You can then go to the Wix dashboard and fulfill those products that are not set up to be fulfilled by Amazon.
If you sell products that aren't fulfilled by Amazon, you need to create shipping rules so customers can purchase them. Note that when a customer checks out, they may select your own shipping rules instead of the Amazon rules - even when all the items could be shipped by Amazon. 
In this case, Amazon won't automatically fulfill the order. You can, however, go to the Amazon dashboard to manually enter the order and request Amazon MCF fulfillment.
To stay on top of your orders and catch the ones that Amazon does not fulfill, you can create and save a filter in the Orders tab.

To view orders not fulfilled by Amazon:

  1. Go to Orders in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Filter at the top right.
  3. Select Unfulfilled and Partially fulfilled in the Fulfillment Status section.
  4. Select only the shipping methods you created for self fulfillment in the Delivery Method section.
    Note: Do not select the fulfillment methods automatically created by Amazon MCF: Standard, Expedited, Priority. 
  1. Click Save This View.
  2. Enter a filter name (e.g. Self-fulfillment).
  3. Click Save.
The next time you want to check for orders not fulfilled by Amazon, select the view you saved from the View drop-down. 

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