Wix Stores: Fulfilling Orders with the ShipBob Fulfillment Service

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ShipBob is a fulfillment service which stores your products in their warehouses and then packs and ships products to your customers whenever an order comes in. 
After setup, the fulfillment process runs automatically:
  • Orders are forwarded from Wix to ShipBob
  • ShipBob fulfills the order and creates a tracking number
  • The tracking number is added to the order 
  • Customers automatically receive shipping confirmation sent from your store

Step 1 | Add the ShipBob app

To get started, go to the Wix App Market and add the ShipBob app. 

Step 2 | Sync store products with ShipBob

Before you begin:
If you created product options, you must enable the Manage pricing and inventory for variants toggle and track variant inventory amounts so that ShipBob can fulfill orders with variants accurately. Learn how to manage inventory for variants.  Note that ShipBob assigns a unique identifier to each variant. 
You can sync products in the Wix dashboard. You have the option to sync products, orders, and tracking information at this stage, we recommend, however, that you start by syncing your products.  

Step 3 | Complete account setup

When you're ready, complete the account setup process. This includes deleting the demo data that is in ShipBob dashboard, connecting a credit card, and adding some details to your products. Learn more about completing account setup.

Step 4 | Set how often you want to sync with ShipBob

After the initial connection with ShipBob is established, you'll need to sync regularly so that when you add new products or get new orders, ShipBob is informed about the changes. You can set how often you want to sync. If for some reason, you want to stop syncing for a time, you can select the Pause option. Note that you can also sync manually at any time.
When ShipBob receives orders with products that are not synced to their dashboard, a new product is automatically created.

Step 5 | Send inventory to ShipBob

Before ShipBob can start fulfilling orders, your products need to physically arrive at one of their warehouses. When you know how and when your products will arrive, you can sync your orders with ShipBob and set a date when they will start fulfilling orders.
Next, your store products must be sent to a ShipBob warehouse. Start by selecting which ShipBob warehouse you want to work with - ideally the one closest to your customer base. 
To learn how to ship your merchandise to ShipBob, check out these resources:

Step 6 | Sync store orders with ShipBob

After shipping your products to ShipBob (or, at least, planning how to do so), you should have some idea of when they can start fulfilling your orders. 
In order for ShipBob to start fulfilling your orders, they need to start receiving store orders that come in. ShipBob offers the option of syncing orders automatically as they come in, or sending them manually. Learn how to sync store orders with ShipBob.  
Don't forget to set a start date when ShipBob will start fulfilling orders (step six below).

Step 7 | Set a date for ShipBob to start fulfilling orders

To make sure orders aren't fulfilled twice (once by you and once by ShipBob) set the date ShipBob will start fulfilling relevant store orders.

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