Wix Stores: About Product Options

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Product options are different versions of a single product, such as a top that comes in different sizes and colors. 

About options, choices and variants

Note that product options have product option choices and variants. It's helpful to understand the differences. 
  • Product Options: This refers to the type of option, for instance "Color".
  • Product Option Choices: This term refers to the choices you have for a product option. For the "Color" option, your choices might be "Purple" or "Green". 
  • Variants: This term refers to the specific item you sell. For example, if your product has 2 product options (e.g. size and color), and each of them has 2 choices (e.g. small or large; purple or green), your product has 4 variants:
    • Small, purple
    • Small, green
    • Large, purple
    • Large green

Getting started

To get started adding product options, go to Store Products in your site's dashboard and create a new product or edit an existing one. When you get to the Product options section, click +Add Options


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