Wix SEO Setup Checklist: "Keep SEO Title Tags Different From Other Pages"

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It's important to keep each SEO title tag unique for each of your site's pages. Using the same title tag for more than one page makes it difficult for search engines to show visitors relevant pages and may stop people from clicking on your site. 
If you use the same title tags and meta descriptions for multiple pages, you'll see a Keep it different from other pages error message in the SEO Setup Checklist.

Tips for writing effective SEO title tags

  • Each title tag should be unique, providing concise information on what the page is about. 
  • Include a target keyword for each individual page of your site. 
  • Add your business or site name. 
  • Include the location of your business to your homepage title tag; this will help Google know to display your site to searchers in your area.
  • The length of your title tag should be 55-70 characters. 
    Use the pipe sign ‘|’ to distinguish different parts of your title tag. 
  • Check out these additional SEO tips for beginners in the Wix Blog.

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