Wix Restaurants: Printing Your Menu

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This article is about the new Wix Restaurants Menus app. 
Choose one of our designed templates and customize a printable menu for your restaurant. You can set the font style and colors and add your restaurant logo. 

You can also add a scannable QR code for your customers to scan and order online. Once you're done, click Download Menu to download your menu in PDF format.
Screenshot of setting the template for your printable menu

To design and print your menu:

  1. Go to Menus (New) in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click the More Actions icon  next to the menu you want to customize and click Design print menu
Screenshot of the new wix menus app with design print menu hughlighted
  1. Customize your printable menu using the design options:
    • Templates: Select a template that suits your restaurant.
    • Logo: Add your restaurant's logo and QR code for online orders: 
      • Click Upload to upload your restaurant's logo from your computer.
        You can also click Create a Logo to create one with the Wix Logo Maker.
      • Enable the QR Code toggle to include a scannable QR code on your menu for customers to scan and order online.
    • Text: Hover over the relevant text style and click Customize to set the styles for text on your menu (menu, section and dishes):
      • Dish description: Click the toggle to show or hide descriptions of dishes in your menu.
      • Font: Click Change Font and choose a font for your menu.
      • Text style: Click to bold, italicize or underline the text.
      • Alignment: Choose to align the text to the left, center or right.
      • Text color: Choose a color for the text or enter a hex code.
      • Size (px): Set a size for the text or drag the slider.
    • Symbols: Select a set of symbols and set their colors.
    • Dividers: Use dividers to separate the different sections on your menu.
    • Background: Choose a background color for your menu. You can also enter a hex code.
  2. Click Download Menu to download your menu in PDF format. 

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