Wix Photo Albums: Uploading Photos from Lightroom Classic

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Use the Wix Photo Albums plugin to upload photos from Lightroom Classic directly to your photo albums and galleries.
  • As of April 2022, we have released a new version of Lightroom, version 3, that allows you to sync your favorites lists and comments. You can choose to upgrade to version 3 or remain on version 2 without these new functionalities. 
  • You need to have Lightroom Classic installed on your computer to upload photo to your Wix photo albums and galleries. 
  • You must download the plugin for the first time from your Wix dashboard. You will then need to install the plugin in Lightroom. You can only make updates once the plugin is installed in Lightroom.
Before you begin:
Make sure you've added Wix Photo Albums to your site so you can use the Lightroom plugin. Learn more about adding Wix Photo Albums

Step 1 | Download the Wix Photo Albums plugin

First you need to download the plugin. 

Step 2 | Install the plugin in Lightroom Classic

Once you've downloaded the Wix Photo Albums plugin from your dashboard, you then need to install it in Lightroom Classic. 

Step 3 | Authorize and sync Wix Photo Albums with Lightroom Classic

The next thing to do is to authorize and sync the two together.

Step 4 | Publish your photos from Lightroom to Wix Photo Albums

Once you have everything synced up you can start editing and publishing. You need to create the album or gallery on Wix before uploading the images from Lightroom. After you create your album (can be a draft) you need to sync it with Lightroom in order to see it. 
  • If you want to upload or apply changes from Lightroom to Wix, you need to publish any edits made. 
  • Deleting an album or a site from Lightroom only removes it from Lightroom. You will still need to delete it from your Wix Photo Album. However, photos and galleries can be deleted from Lightroom.
  • Make sure to publish all changes made in the Wix Photo Albums plugin on Lightroom before you click sync again, so you don't lose your work.
Having trouble syncing Photo Albums with Lightroom Classic?
Wix does not provide support for technical issues with syncing Photo Albums with Lightroom Classic. If you have an issue with syncing your images, please contact the Lightroom support team directly on their website or search their help center for additional information about the sync in Lightroom Classic.

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