Wix Payments: Pandemic Driven Sales Rules

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Wix Payments has prepared some guidelines to help ensure that your site is compliant in the wake of the pandemic.
The expanded market for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), medical devices and other medical products means that more than ever, we must ensure that standards and rules are maintained.
As such, sellers on Wix are reminded that sales of these items and services are subject to regulatory restrictions, and may be included in Wix Payments’ list of Restricted and Prohibited Products and Services..
Wix Payments and our users are obliged to operate within a regulatory framework. These guidelines also help to safeguard valuable supplies and protect the people who need them. Non-compliance with the rules below, as well as with local legislation or card brand rules, may result in the restriction of your Wix Payments account and reversal of certain transactions.

Wix Payments rules and guidance

Before offering and selling products with Wix Payments, we recommend you review the following guidelines.

Laws and regulations:

The sale of some products may be prohibited under local laws and regulations. This may apply to both your jurisdiction and the jurisdiction of your customers. You should check the regulations relevant to your products and act accordingly. We recommend you make every effort to keep yourself informed.

Certification and licensing:

Before you market your products, we encourage you to check that you and your suppliers / manufacturers have all the necessary and valid authorizations, permissions, certifications, registrations or licences. We recommend paying additional attention to peculiarities of regulation of products such as masks/respirators, sanitizers and disinfectants.

Products claims:

Please be mindful of your product descriptions. Any product marketed as a remedy to prevent, treat, or cure Covid, or promotion of unconventional treatments may cause restriction of your Wix Payments account.


Be aware that inflated prices could be deemed as an illegal practice in some jurisdictions. Overpricing may jeopardize your Wix Payments account. 

Charity or fundraising:

You need to be a registered charity for at least 5 years to be considered for Wix Payments verification.

Examples of permitted products on Wix Payments

  • General purpose, non-regulated face masks/respirators that don’t claim to meet the standards of regulated face masks/respirators, or are, in any way, labeled as such masks/respirators (e.g. N95, KN95, FFP, KF, DS etc.)
  • Hand-made masks
  • Face shields and protective goggles without any medical claims
  • Stickers and signs

Examples of prohibited products on Wix Payments

  • Covid test / Covid antibody tests
  • Covid testing / laboratory and medical services
  • Vaccines / immunizations
  • Medication to prevent, cure or treat Covid
  • Products / services with exaggerated, false or misleading statements or claims (e.g. statements about guaranteed protection against viruses or Covid; killing high percentage of germs; viruses; bacteria; healing / curing etc.)
  • Products without a clear disclosure of all relevant details such as manufacturer labels or ingredients
  • Products that do not meet marking requirements
  • Services related to government / public aid payments
  • The information above is a general guidance and doesn’t guarantee successful Wix Payments verification. Likewise, the information should not be considered as legal advice and you should not rely on it as such.
  • Wix Payments may ask you to provide documents and information regarding your products and services.

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