Wix Owner App: Receiving Push Notifications on Your Mobile Device

Receive push notifications on your phone when a visitor comes to your site or starts a chat with you. You can also set get a notification when a specific action on your site is done. For example, when an invoice has been paid, a guest RSVP's to an event or a customer makes a purchase.
By default, these notifications are enabled, but you can turn them on or off at any time.
Make sure to allow notifications from the Wix Owner app in the settings of your mobile device.

To enable push notifications:

  1. Go to your site in the Wix Owner app.
  2. Tap Inbox  at the bottom.
  3. Tap the More Actions icon  at the top right. 
  4. Tap Settings.
  5. Tap Notification settings under General Settings.
  1. Enable the Allow Push Notifications toggle.
  2. Tap the toggles under each section to enable or disable specific push notifications.
    Tip: You can also mute notifications for a period of time or permanently.
Using iOS?
You can reply to new messages directly from the push notification ("quick reply"). Long-press the notification to type your reply.  

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