Wix Music: Displaying a 30 Second Preview of a Music Track

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Let your site visitors listen to a sample of your music by displaying a 30 second preview of your tracks. The preview sample will run from the 30-second point to 60 seconds, except in tracks that are less than one minute long, in which case the preview will run from the beginning to the 30-second point.

To display a 30 second preview of a track:

  1. Add a new track or click an existing one.
  2. Click the drop-down menu under Track Streaming Options, on the right side of the Create New Track window.
  3. Select Fans can listen to a 30 sec preview.
    Note: You cannot chose which part of the song is in the 30-second preview. You can vote for this feature here
  4. Click Save Track.
This option may not work for an existing track. If this option does not work, please delete the track and add it again.

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