Wix Logo: Redeeming Free Business Cards in the Wix Logo Maker

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You receive 250 free business cards with the purchase of an Unlimited or Business Wix Logo Maker plan. The business cards include your logo & business info printed on double-sided, quality card, which is shipped straight to your door.
Before you begin:
The Wix Logo Maker showing a preview of a logo on business cards. The cursor is hovering over Get Started.
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Redeeming free business cards

Create and redeem 250 free business cards directly from the Wix Logo Maker.

To redeem free business cards:

  1. Go to the Brand Studio.
  2. Click the My Brands drop-down at the top.
  3. Select the relevant brand.
A screenshot of the My Brands drop-down.
  1. Click Brand Actions at the top.
  2. Select Print Logo on Merchandise.
  3. Click Get Started beside Business Cards.
  4. Hover over the template you like best and click Select.
  5. Add your business details and click Save & Continue.
  6. Click Add to Cart (In the cart, the price of the business cards should be 0).
  7. Choose whether you want to customize the design.
  8. Click Continue to place an order.


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