Wix Logo: Editing a Logo in the Wix Logo Maker

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After creating your logo, you may want to go back and make some changes. Using the Wix Logo Maker, you can edit an existing logo and change whatever you need to make it suit your brand – the fonts, colors, images, symbols, and more.
The editing options available to you depend on the Wix Logo Maker plan you choose.
Post-download edits with our new Brand Kit:
Our new Brand Kit offers the ability to edit your logo post-download.
In this article, learn more about: 

Once you purchase a logo, you have the option to edit your logo as much as you want before you download it.

To edit an existing logo:

  1. Go to the Wix Logo Maker
    Note: This will take you to the Brand Studio of the most recent brand you were working on.
  2. Click the Logo and Brands drop-down at the top.
  3. Select the relevant brand.
  4. Click Edit Logo.
  5. Customize your logo using the available options in the Logo Maker.


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