Wix Logo: Creating a Logo Using the Wix Logo Maker on a Mobile Device

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Create a logo with Wix Logo Maker on the go from a mobile device. Elevate your brand from wherever, whenever. 

Step 1 | Getting Started with Wix Logo Maker on Mobile

In order to create your logo, you'll need to enter your business information. Your logo is a visual identifier of your business, the industry you're in and your branding. Tell us a bit about your business so that we can help tailor your logo to your needs.
The Wix Logo Maker on a mobile device. The panel is displaying different looks and feels for the logo.

After adding your business details and defining your style, choose from a wide range of automatically generated logos. These were created for you, based on the information you've previously entered. If necessary, you can edit the business name, tagline, and icon from here.    
The Wix Logo Maker on mobile, displaying a choice of logos to be selected and edited.

After choosing a logo design that you like, you can customize your logo's finer details. Personalize the color palette, text design, and background of your logo, and even add additional icons.
Click an option below to learn how to customize it:
The logo editor in the maker on mobile displaying a variety of customisation options.

Step 4 | Purchase Your Logo Plan

Once you're happy with the final design of your logo, it's time to purchase a Wix Logo Plan. Choose between a Just Logo plan or a Logo + Website plan. Learn what each plan includes here.
Click an option below to learn how:
The Logo plan picker panel, displaying both the logo only, and logo and website options.
Extracting Logo Files:
Once you download your logo, the files are delivered in a ZIP folder. Learn how to extract your logo files on your relevant device here.

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