Wix Invoices & Price Quotes: Adding Default Notes

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Add notes that appear at the bottom of all of your invoices or price quotes. This is a great place to add a thank you message, payment terms and more.
If you add or edit these default notes, your new notes will only appear on invoices and price quotes issued after you've made these changes. Updates will not be applied to past invoices or price quotes retroactively.

To add default notes:

  1. Go to Settings in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Invoices & quotes.
  3. Go to the relevant tab: 
    • Invoices
      1. Click the Footer notes drop-down.
      2. Enter Notes or Terms.
    • Price Quotes:
      1. Scroll down to Default note sections.
      2. Enter Notes or Terms.
You can also edit default notes when creating a new invoice or price quote.

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