Wix Invoices: Creating a Revenue or Tax Report

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Use revenue and tax reports to keep track of how much your business has billed. Choose a time period and run reports listing all amounts invoiced or all taxes invoiced during this period. At the bottom of your report you'll see a total figure.
We recommend consulting with an accountant regarding taxes collected from your customers and additional tax obligations.
A screenshot of a revenue report.

To create a revenue or tax report:

  1. Go to Invoices in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click the More Actions drop-down at the top right and select View reports.
  3. Click Create Report under the type of report you'd like to run:
    • Tax Summary: View all taxes billed during a certain period.
    • Revenue Summary: View all amounts billed during a certain period.
  4. Set the report's date range by selecting start and end dates in the Date Range section.
  5. Click the Revenue drop-down and select a report type:
    • Cash Basis: Displays data on invoices paid during the date range. 
    • Accrual Basis: Displays data on all invoices sent during the date range, including both paid and unpaid.
  6. Click Run Report.
  7. (Optional) Export or print the report:
    • Export: Click Export to CSV to download your report in CSV format.
    • Print: Click Print to print the report.

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