Wix Forum: Blocking or Deleting Site Members

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Take control of your forum by blocking or deleting any members who do not follow the forum rules.  
  • Blocked members: Cannot like or comment on a post or follow a writer. Blocked members do, however, appear on the members page. 
  • Deleted members: Cannot like or comment on a post or follow a writer. All the site member's posts, comments, and likes are removed from your forum. The member no longer appears on the member's page. 
Any site admin can block or delete members.

To block or delete a site member:

  1. Go to the forum on your live site.
  2. Go to a post or comment written by the member you want to block. 
  3. Click the member's name. 
  4. Click the More Actions icon   on the relevant site member.
  5. Select an option:
    • Block a member:
      1. Click Block Member
      2. Click Block to confirm.
    • Delete a member:
      1.  Click Delete Member
      2. Click Delete to confirm. 
To learn how to unblock a member, click here.

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