Wix Events Troubleshooting: Unable to Apply Coupons in Wix Events

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Offer coupons to help get people excited about your event. Customers can enter the coupon code on the Checkout page when purchasing a ticket.  
  • The coupon field is only available during the Add Your Details stage of the Checkout process.
  • The coupon field only appears if you've already created coupons for your event.
  • Customers cannot apply coupons from the Wix Owner app, however they can apply them from the mobile version of your site.

Troubleshooting coupon issues

If your customers are able to see the Enter Coupon Code field, but are still unable to apply the coupon, please check that:

Still need help?

If you still need assistance with your coupon code, please submit a ticket and provide the following details:
  • The name of the coupon you're having trouble with.
  • The type of coupon (discount/offer).
  • The event the coupon is intended for.
  • Any restrictions the ticket is supposed to have (ticket type, limited use).
  • A screenshot of what happens when you try to apply the coupon.

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