Wix Events: Connecting Your Event to a Group in the Wix Owner App

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With Wix Groups, you can create a place for members to post updates, share event images and videos, hold lively discussions, and more. 
You can create a new group for your event. Alternatively, if you already use Wix Groups, you can connect your event to an existing group.
It is also possible to simply display your event in an existing group without linking it. 

Step 1 | Select an event and connect it to a group

Once you've created an event and published it, you can connect it to a group. If this is your first time using groups, you'll be prompted to create the group. If you already have a group you'd like to connect to your event, you can select it from the list. 

To select an event and connect it to a group:

  1. Go to your site in the Wix Owner app.
  2. Tap Manage  at the bottom.
  3. Tap Events.
  4. Tap Published Events.
  5. Select the relevant event.
  6. Tap the Manage tab.
  7. Tap Add-ons.
  8. Tap Add to Event under Group.
  9. Select an option:
    • Tap Create New Group.
    • Tap an existing group and tap Done.

Step 2 | Customize your group

Now you can go ahead and customize your group's image and name, and set it's privacy and visibility levels. 

To customize your group:

  1. Add the group information:
    1. Tap Add Cover Image to add your own group image.
    2. Enter a name for the group.
    3. Select a group type:
      • Public: Anyone can see this group, members, and posts.
      • Private: Anyone can see who's in this group, but only members can see posts.
        • Visibility: Select from the drop-down menu to manage your group's visibility. 
  2. Tap Done at the top.
  3. Tap Done again to connect the group you just created to the event. 
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