Wix Editor: Resizing Images

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Resize images on your site so that they appear exactly as you want.

To resize an image:

  1. Click the image.
  2. Drag the resize handles on the edge of the image to the size you want.
  3. Click the Settings icon .
  4. Click the Keep proportions toggle:
    • Enabled: The image and shape stay at the original proportions when resized.
    • Disabled: The image and shape change proportions change according to the resize.
  5. Click the Auto fill toggle:
    • Enabled: The image automatically adjusts to fill the space.
    • Disabled: The image does not automatically adjust to fill the space.
  • Auto fill can only be enabled after Keep Proportions is enabled.
  • Click  Reset imageif you have resized, cropped, rotated or stretched your image, and want to go back to its original proportions.

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