Wix Editor: Lightbox Ideas and Inspiration

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Lightboxes are pop-up messages that appear on your visitor's screen when they visit your site. You can use them in a number of creative, practical ways to grow your sales and business, and provide an interactive experience.
In this article, learn about some of the ways you can utilize lightboxes:

Create a mailing list subscription lightbox

Add a mailing list lightbox to build your subscribers and reach a wider audience. There are a variety of lightbox designs available that contain pre-added forms, and you can customize and adjust them as needed. 
A GIF of a mailing list lightbox gliding into frame on a live Wix site.
When visitors sign up with the form, they're automatically added to your Subscribers in Contacts, so they can stay up to date with your business news and offers.

Add an age disclaimer to your site

Utilize your lightboxes by creating an age disclaimer for your site. You can set them to only contain an age confirmation button, so visitors must click it in order to enter and browse your site. 
A screenshot showing an age disclaimer pop-up on a live site site.
As well as the preset options, there are also hundred of possible design combinations for lightboxes, so you don't need to compromise your site's branding or look.

Build a pop-up wizard

Use a lightbox to create a pop-up wizard that visitors can click through with a series of screens or steps. Pop-up wizards are a fun, unique way to encourage visitors to interact and make your site stand out.
An online scavenger hunt on a live Wix site. It's been made using lightboxes.
Popular uses for pop-up wizards include scavenger hunts and presentations. You can also design the lightbox to look and behave exactly how you want, to keep your brand consistent.

Create a video lightbox

Add videos to a lightbox to grab the attention of your visitors. You can embed videos from hosting sites such as Youtube or Vimeo, or upload a file from your device. 
A GIF of a lightbox appearing on a live Wix site. The video in the box automatically begins to play.
Video lightboxes are a great way to display information to your visitors, as they're more visually engaging than regular text lightboxes. Use them to promote announcements, trailers, and more. 

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