Wix Editor: Creating AI Generated Text

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Use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to generate text that is relevant to your brand or business needs. Enter important information and let the AI do the rest - so you can save time, without needing to compromise on content.
After you've generated and chosen your text, you can make additional edits to fit your brand voice and site look. 
Did you know?
You can use the AI Website Builder to create a custom dashboard and site, minimize build time and maximize your online potential. 

Step 1 | Add text to your page

To get started, add a text element to your page. You can generate text from themed, title, and paragraph text boxes, so choose the best one for your content and design needs.

To add text:

  1. Open the relevant page in your Editor.
  2. Click Add Elements .
  3. Select Text.
  4. Click and drag your chosen text to add it to your page.
The Add Elements panel in the Editor. The Text tab is highlighted, and the cursor is hovering over a paragraph.

Step 2 | Generate your AI text

After you've added text to your page, use the panel to generate its content. You can input details such as the business type, and enter important terms to make sure you get the most relevant options for your brand.

To generate AI text:

  1. Click the text box in your Editor.
  2. Click Create AI Text.
  3. Fill in all of the relevant details:
    • What's your business type?: Enter your business type into the field.
    • What's your business name?: Enter your site / business name into the field.
    • Text type: Select whether you want to generate a title or paragraph.
    • What's the topic of this text?: Select the topic of the text from the drop-down menu:
      • About: Create text that gives visitors an overview of your business or site.
      • Welcome: Generate text welcoming visitors to your site or business.
      • Service intro: Use this option to generate an introduction to services you offer.
      • Service description: Generate a text description for a service your business offers. Then enter the title of the service in the Service name field.
      • Product description: Produce a text description for a product. Then enter the name of the product in the Product name field.
      • Projects: Create text to introduce site visitors to your business projects.
      • Team intro: Generate an introduction to your brand or business team.
      • FAQs: Create a list of questions and answers to give visitors all the information they need.
      • Other: Select this option when none of the options on the list apply to your needs. Then enter the relevant topic in the Add your own topic field.
    • What's important to mention?: Enter relevant terms and phrases that you want the AI to use. Note: Make sure to separate the terms and phrases with commas.
  4. Click Create Text to generate your text options.
  5. Choose what to do with the text you want to use:
    • Copy text: Copy the text to your clipboard.
    • Use Text: Use the content on your text element.
The AI Text Creator panel in the Wix Editor. Information has been added, and AI text options are displayed.

Step 3 | Review and adjust your text

Review your AI generated text to ensure it has all of the details you want, and that it suits your brand's tone. Depending on your needs, you can manually edit the content to ensure that your visitors have the most engaging and relevant information.

To edit generated text:

  1. Click the text box in your Editor.
  2. Click Edit Text.
  3. Make the relevant changes to the text.
  4. Click anywhere outside the text box to save the changes.
The Edit Text panel in the Wix Editor has been opened. A section of the text has been highlighted by the cursor.
Important to know:
You need to check and edit the text where necessary before you publish the changes to ensure:
  • That it aligns with the Wix Terms of Use.
  • That you have all the necessary rights and licenses in order to use and publish this content.

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