Wix Channels: Dashboard Overview

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As a Wix Channel partner, you can provide your small and medium-size business customers with a complete online presence using Wix's site creation and management tools.
Your Channels Dashboard is a tailored management hub where you can access your customers’ sites, track Customer Care tickets, manage premium subscriptions and manage team access to sites.
Having all of this important information in one place helps support your sales and fulfillment teams to work efficiently and at scale.

Organize all sites from one dashboard

Stay in control and keep track of all of your clients' sites. You can sort and filter thousands of sites from your site list, and save filtered views for easy access. You can also customize, filter, and export reports.
Saving filtered views:
Click Save View when in a filtered view to add a shortcut for future reference. You can return to the filtered view at any time once it's saved.
A screenshot of the site list in the Wix Channels Dashboard.

Access your Customer Care tickets

Track all of your Customer Care tickets in one place, and save time by browsing previous solutions to customer interactions.
From this dedicated tab, you can view your team's entire Customer Care history log, including issues raised by any of your team members. You can view all open and closed tickets for a comprehensive overview of ticket statuses and resolutions.
Utilize search and filters to pinpoint your needs, and submit new Customer Care tickets directly from your dashboard for any site assistance. You can also submit new Care tickets on behalf of your customers.
A screenshot of the Customer Care tickets section of the Wix Channels dashboard. The filter options are displayed.

Manage your premium subscriptions

You can view and manage all premium subscriptions or paid services that you have purchased for your clients' sites. You can also view invoices, and information about refunds.
See at a glance which subscriptions are up for renewal, which ones are not currently assigned to a site, and which ones need their payment information updated. You can also upgrade or cancel subscriptions from your dashboard.
Find exactly what you're looking for by searching by site or subscription type. You can filter by date, site, status, or payment method, and export your results in CSV format.
An image of the Premium Subscriptions section of the Wix Channels dashboard.

Manage your domains

Manage, connect and transfer domains for any site your team manages on behalf of your clients.
View all domains connected to each site, and quickly access domain management and connection information.
A screenshot of the Domains section of the Channels Dashboard.

Manage your team

Add teammates to your Wix Channels account and assign them different roles, permissions, and access levels. Choose which sites and site folders each of your teammates can access.
A screenshot of the Team Management tab showing two team members, their account roles, and their names and emails.

Use SSO and SCIM

Control staff access to your dashboard with SCIM settings. Use enhanced authentication with Single Sign-On (SSO) to let employees and clients log in with their Wix credentials using the Open ID Connect protocol.
This kind of login can be used by employees or clients to access several related, yet independent, online platforms.
A screenshot of the SCIM settings section of an account. It shows default role management and role assignment options.

Build customer functionality with API access

Access your data to build custom functionality and connect with third-party services. You can keep your data secure by only sharing keys with trusted team members. Use API keys to access your orders, products, events data and more.
Learn more about:
A screenshot of the API keys section of the Wix Channels Dashboard.

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