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Hand pick specific blog posts that you want to feature. You can display featured posts anywhere on your site using a Post List. You choose where you want it to appear, how it looks and which posts to feature.
What's the difference between featured posts and pinned posts?
  • Featured posts: Featured posts can appear on any page of your site. You can choose exactly which individual posts you want to feature and add a custom feed to display those selected posts.
  • Pinned posts: Pinned posts are "sticky posts" that appear in your regular blog feed. Because they are pinned, the stay at the top of your feed even after you publish newer posts. Learn more
A screenshot showing featured posts in a blog.

Step 1 | Add the Post List element to your site

A Post List is a blog add-on that lets you display a specific group of posts (e.g., featured posts) anywhere on your site. Go to the page you want to place the featured posts on and add the Post List add-on from your Editor's Add panel.

To add the Post List element:

Wix Editor
Studio Editor
  1. Click the Page drop-down menu at the top of the editor.
  2. Select the page you want to add the Post List element to.
  3. Click Add Elements  on the left side of the editor.
  4. Click Blog
  5. Click the Post List you want to use, or drag it to position it on the page.
A screenshot showing the Add Panel and the Post List options available.

Step 2 | Set your Post List to display featured posts

You can set the Post List to display any posts you want. To display featured posts only, select this option in the Post List settings.

To set the Post List to display featured posts:

  1. Click the Post List in your Editor.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  4. Enable the Show Featured Posts only toggle. 
A screenshot showing the settings to enable featured posts.
You can also set the Post List to display posts from a specific category or tag, and set the number of posts you want to display. Learn more about setting up a Post List.

Step 3 | Customize the look of your Post List

This part is up to you. You can choose what information appears on the Post List, change the layout or customize the design. If you're happy with how your Post List looks, you can skip to the next step. 

To customize the look of your Post List:

  1. Select the Post List in your Editor and click Settings.
  2. Choose what you want to customize:
A screenshot showing the display, layout and design settings.

In order to display featured posts in your Post List, you'll need to mark some of your posts as "Featured". You can do this while creating or editing a blog post under Post Settings in the Blog Post Editor.

To set posts as "featured":

  1. Go to Blog in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Create New Post or hover over an existing post and click Edit.
  3. Click the Settings tab on the left side panel.
  4. Enable the Set as Featured Post toggle.
A screenshot showing the featured posts toggle enabled.

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