Using reCAPTCHA in the Wix Sign in Process

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Wix uses Google's reCAPTCHA tool to help protect against potential spam and other types of automated abuse. It's a short test that shows you a sequence of numbers, letters, a combination of numbers and letters, or an image. You complete the test before you log in to verify that you're a real person. 
For text-based tests, you must type exactly what you see in the CAPTCHA image to complete the login process. When you're done, press the enter key on your keyboard. 
For images, a common test is to click each part of the image in which a specific object is present. Click all relevant parts of the image to complete the test. 
You can also click the audio button to listen to an audio CAPTCHA option. The set of numbers is read out and you must enter the numbers you hear in the provided space. When you are done, press the enter key on your keyboard. 

Troubleshooting reCAPTCHA issues

If you're having issues using the sign-in reCAPTCHA, try the following:
If you've followed these steps still can't use reCAPTCHA to sign in to your Wix account, you can try troubleshooting general sign-in issues.

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