Updating Contact Information for .com.br Domains

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To update the contact information for a .com.br domain, first update the information with Registro.br. Then, email Wix to let us know to update our internal system. 
About contact information for .com.br domains:
When registering a .com.br domain, you must add contact information about the registrant and the domain administrator. This information then becomes publicly available in WHOIS databases. The owner and legal representative of the domain is the registrant, while the technical manager of the domain is the administrator. 

Step 1 | Change Your Domain's Contact Information at Registro.br

First, login to the Registro.br website and update your domain's contact information. 

Step 2 | Change the Contact Information Wix has for Your Domain

Your domain's contact information is updated with the registrar as soon as you complete step 1 above. Complete step 2 below to also update the contact information Wix has for your domain.  
  • Wix updates your domain's contact information internally. You will not see the updated changes in your Wix account.
  • If you purchased a .com.br domain from Wix and would like to transfer it away from Wix, click here for instructions. 

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