Unable To Find and Delete Cookie Alert App In the Editor

1 min read
Follow this article if you are having trouble finding and deleting the old Cookie Alert app from your site. 
If you see a banner in your site dashboard and upon opening the Editor you are not able to find the app, please check the following:
  • Check the page layout, as the Cookie Alert app is visible only if the page layout is regular. 
  • Turn on ruler in the editor, user Ctrl+M to go through the elements on the page.
  • If you come across an element that has "-" in the element position (X, Y), you can remove the "-" and see what element that is.
  • Sometimes the Cookie Alert app ends up being outside of visible grid lines and it's hard to find. You can also check the elements in the "layers".
  • When you delete the app, it takes up to 24 hours for the banner in the app to disappear.

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