Unable To Find and Delete Cookie Alert App In the Editor

Follow this article if you are having trouble finding and deleting the old Cookie Alert app from your site. 
If you see a banner in your site dashboard and upon opening the Editor you are not able to find the app, please check the following:
  • Check the page layout, as the Cookie Alert app is visible only if the page layout is regular. 
  • Turn on ruler in the editor, user Ctrl+M to go through the elements on the page.
  • If you come across an element that has "-" in the element position (X, Y), you can remove the "-" and see what element that is.
  • Sometimes the Cookie Alert app ends up being outside of visible grid lines and it's hard to find. You can also check the elements in the "layers".
  • When you delete the app, it takes up to 24 hours for the banner in the app to disappear.

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