Wix Video: Troubleshooting Site Visitors Issues

If your site visitors are contacting you saying that they are experiencing issues with Wix Video on your site (e.g. the playback doesn't start, performance issue, video isn't showing on your site), please provide them with the responses below:

Response to your site visitor:

I am sorry that you are experiencing issues with the videos on my site. Please do the following so that we can check if there is a local issue on your end:
  1. Clear your browser's cache and cookies.
  2. Update your browser to the latest version.
  3. Try to recreate the issue on different browsers and see if it still happens.
  4. Disable all of your browser add-ons (extensions and plugins) for the duration of the troubleshoot. 
  5. Disable any anti-virus software for the duration of the troubleshoot. 
  6. Try a different computer.
  7. Try a different internet connection.
If your visitors reply to you and say that they can still recreate the issue after following the steps above, request the information listed below and send it to us, so that we can look into the issue further.
So that we can investigate this issue further, please send a screenshot of the Developer Tools view of your site from Google Chrome. If you do not have Google Chrome, you can download it hereTo take a screenshot of the Developer Tools view:
  1. Open your site in a Google Chrome incognito window (Ctrl + Shift + N).
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + J (on PC) or Cmd + Option + J (on Mac).
  3. Click the Console tab at the top of the panel and refresh the page (F5).
  4. Navigate to the page on the site where the issue occurs and take any action necessary to recreate the issue.
  5. Take a screenshot of what you see on the Console tab.
  6. Click the Network tab at the top of the panel and take the action again (Tip: if the issue is on your live site you may need to refresh the page).
  7. Take a screenshot of what you see on the Network tab.
Send us this information when you have received it from at least one affected user.

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