Troubleshooting Contact Importing Issues

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There are a few ways you can import a large number of contacts to your Wix account. Depending on a few factors, you might experience different issues.
During the import process, you have the option to map the columns of your file to fields in your contact list. We recommend you download a sample CSV file to see what your file should look like.
Keep the following in mind when setting up your import file:
  • Include a header row in your file and match each column header with a field. You can include values for any of the default fields in your contact list or custom properties.
  • Make sure each row in your file contains an email address or phone number.
  • Make sure your import file contains fewer than 20,000 contacts.
  • Make sure any date fields are in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Make sure your file is a CSV file in UTF-8 encoding.
  • Make sure your file does not have more than 200 columns.
Note about the supported value separators and escape characters:
  • The current supported value separators are a comma ',' and a semi-colon ';'.
  • The current supported escape characters are the double-quote character "" and the backslash character '\'. For example, the value the "big" bang will be correctly imported if it appears in the file as the ""big"" bang, or the \"big"\ bang.
In this article, learn more about:

Importing Contacts with Non-Latin Characters

If your contacts include information in a foreign language with non-Latin characters, such as Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Hindi, Arabic and others, your CSV file may not upload correctly.
This is often caused by saving the CSV in an incorrect format. In order to ensure non-Latin characters are properly imported, your file must be saved as "comma -separated".
Not all Microsoft Excel versions have this option. 

Deleted Contact Information Appearing in Your Contact List

If you deleted a contact and import a CSV file with a field that includes the contact's email or phone number (which are unique fields), previously deleted information will appear in your Contact list (even if it's not in your file). To resolve this issue, please contact Support. 

Receiving an Error Message About Missing Email or Phone

If you've added your contact's phone number and email address to the CSV file but still receive this error, you should verify that the email address is in the correct format:

Receiving an Error Message About Duplicate Contacts

When you receive this error, it means your file includes multiple contacts with the same email address. In this case, we only import the first one on your list. Make sure every email address only appears once to avoid this error.   

Receiving an Error Message About Extra Values

If you receive the error "Row has extra values that don't align with column headers", check if the extra value should be inside the value before it. If so, combine them. You can also create more column headers, or delete the extra values if not needed.  

Workarounds to Solve Importing Issues

Re-saving your file and using the Wix sample file may solve issues that often occur when creating the CSV file using Numbers on Mac, but can also occur with Excel and Google Sheets.

Common error messages:
  • There is an empty field in the first row.
  • To continue, match the email or phone fields to the correct Wix Contact fields.
  • Unable to Download Your File. File must be spreadsheet in CSV format.

You may also notice that your file looks like this when you open it - your data is not separated into columns, but separated by a semicolon:

Try the following workarounds to solve these issues:

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